Hydraulic Traveling Head Cutting Machines G1650 - G2080

The machine is suitable for cutting sheets and rolls in single or multiple layers. The high cutting speed and quick motion of cutting head make the machine extremely productive. 

Benefits of the machine:

• simple operation and setting
• low noise level
• up-to-date head movement with frequency modulated gear and PLC control

In accordance with safe operation the actu ation elements of the machine are located on the cutting head and the control panel, respectively.
After cutting, the head moves off the knife automatically with adjustable travel which allows faster cutting. 

G1650A       1600x500 mm,  head 500x500 mm,     30 ton

G1650B       1600x650 mm,  head 500x650 mm,     30 ton

G1650C       2000x650 mm,  head 650x650 mm,     30 ton

G2080         2000x800 mm,  head  800x800 mm,    40 ton


G1650AF    1800x500 mm,   head  500x500 mm,    30 ton

G1650AF    1800x500 mm,  head   500x500 mm,    45 ton

G1650BF    1600x500 mm,  head  500x650 mm,     30 ton

G1650CF    2000x650 mm,  head  650x650 mm,     30 ton

G2080F     2000x800 mm,  head  800x800 mm,      40 ton

  • Full Beam Traveling Head Cutting Press

    This machine is used for textile cutting.
  • Traveling Head Cutting Machine

    The traveling head cutting machine is used for filter cutting.
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