This group of cutting machines is suitable to cut various sheet materials, leather, synthetic leather, textile, cardboard, rubber, soft plastics ect. With single or double edged cutting knives in one or multiple layers.

Main Features

  • Due to their construction, the machines are quiet and can be operated safely.
  • The power transmission of the machine is electro hydraulic.
  • The machines are operated by two hands.
  • Safety devices are used in conformity with the usual requirements of safety regulations.
  • The models  C 106.8 is provided with an advanced stroke adjustment feature and two over-cut buttons.
  • The model C106.8 is a heavy duty machine, and can be ordered in 25 ton cutting power version also.
  • On the models G 008XL and G 016XL stroke length setting is electronic while stroke position is set mechanically. The XL versions mean extra light head movement

                     G008XL        700x350 mm,  head width 350 mm,      8 ton
                     G016XL        900x450 mm,  head  width 450 mm,     16 ton
                     C106.8        1000x500 mm,  head width 550 mm,     22 ton
                     C106.8        1000x500 mm,  head width 450 mm,     25 ton